Proud of the job well done

We believe in the work well done and in the elaboration of natural products that stand out for their great flavor, combining tradition and craftsmanship.


Family tradition

In the 1920s, the father of the founder of Nico Jamones came to Luciana from Guijuelo (Salamanca) and quickly fell in love with the history, climate and rivers of this town of La Mancha, gateway to the Spanish Dehesa and inhabited area and valued since the time of L Celtíberos peoples.

In the years 60 his son, Nicolás González Alonso, began in the business of the ham riding a dryer in the lands of Luciana, sheltered from the Sierras, the rivers and with a special and severe climatology, where he began to commercialize original and special hams.

From his travels he learned to have "smell", a quality of great importance in the world of Ham, and to select the best cabins for, with the best raw material, to obtain products of excellent quality.

Its main objective was to start a business with which to be able to carry the quality ham to the whole world and not only to the wealthiest families. Thanks to his innovative zeal he invented the stove-top cured ham through a process of curing and smoking.

Nico Jamones is a Spanish family company currently managed by the second generation to which Grandpa Nico has been able to transmit the great knowledge of the product, the ability to select the best raw materials and to know the needs of the Clients, identity signs of our company for more than 50 years.


NICO Products

The search for quality and well-done work make our products a benchmark of Spanish gastronomy that are present in the main Spanish distribution chains.

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We select carefully and carefully the best raw materials to obtain high quality and affordable flavors and products for all families, a commitment that we maintain since the founding of the company more than 50 years ago.


We specialize in the curing of Iberian and Serrano hams and we have special lots, gift boxes and ham-and-ham sets.


The process of elaboration of the products of Nico Jamones is carried out in the two modern facilities of Luciana and Ciudad Real. The facilities have the most advanced technology to produce high quality products.

Ham and health

The ham is a delicacy that in addition to the delight of our palates is also beneficial to health. It is a food with a high nutritional value and rich in minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium or phosphorus.


We combine tradition and craftsmanship with the best innovations in order to adapt to the needs of the customers and continue offering products of excellent quality. The descendants of the founder of Nico Jamones continue today with the tradition of how well done making it possible for the quality to be affordable for everyone.


We comply with the most stringent quality standards. Our commitment is to offer products of excellent quality cured in the facilities of Luciana (Ciudad Real), an unparalleled natural environment where you do not make ham, it becomes flavor.

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